Quality Control

Triple Plus provides our customers with a 45days-warranty for all of our parts. We have experienced engineers in our QC department can provide great support, offer electronics component testing services to aid in fake component detection. Most parts from us are test by functionally. We try our best to avoid any fake, defective go to our customer and into market.

Level 1 Visual Inspection

The firststep testing by utilizing optical inspection and visual inspection techniques, it is possible to determine whether or not components are new. Using high powered microscope, we can detect the signs such as body cracks, sphere and body contamination.

Level 2 Electrical Testing

Electrical testing is involving the testing of each contact on a component to ensure that the components are satisfied by datasheet. This is very strong tool to tell us if the component is defective or not.

Level 3 Solderability Testing

Metal oxidize happens very normally. On solder, it is referred to as oxidation. Other contaminants such as oil and dust can cause the solder to not make a good connection between the component terminal and the printed circuit board (PCB). It can determine if the devices will be able to be soldered in customer application

Level 4 About The Product

Triple Plus Co., Ltd. Introduced an inventory control system that tightly seals and packages products. Over the years, we have been dealing with many IC chip manufacturers to handle a variety of IC chips. We will answer all your knowledge of the IC chip.