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Triple Plus Corporation
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We have established a reliable distribution inventory market and a quality assurance system. In pursuit of customer satisfaction, we pay attention to both price and delivery time.
Providing Semiconductor and Electronic Components
We offer semiconductor and electronic components related to US MIL specifications and aerospace.
Hard-to-find and Discontinued Products
We source hard-to-find and discontinued products from reliable distribution inventory and current production items from authorized distributors to provide to our customers.
Shipping and Services
We ensure quality assurance measures, such as traceability, for the products we provide to our customers, striving to maximize customer satisfaction, including price and delivery time.
About us

Triple Plus Corporation conducts research using advanced technology in the field of IC chips in Japan. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide high-quality products. Each member of our company strives to build a strong trust relationship with our customers and aims to achieve a business model that satisfies our customers. Additionally, we have partnerships with numerous domestic and international IC chip OEM experienced companies. We have confidence in offering lower prices for inventory management systems and product sales compared to other companies. Furthermore, we will continue to work together to develop environmentally friendly products and industrial technology. Moreover, we are dedicated to solving the challenges of sourcing semiconductor chips for our customers.

Company Overview
Service Offerings
Inquiries and Quotations
Send us your requests. We will promptly contact you regarding price, inventory status, and delivery time.
Inspection for Quality Assurance
To ensure product quality, we can inspect the performance of the products and provide test reports.
Worldwide shipment
We will ship the products to any address worldwide as specified by the customer, in perfect packaging.
Warranty Period
We offer a 90-day warranty period. If there are any issues with the product, it can be returned for a refund. We can resolve the matter swiftly.
Convenient and Secure Procuring
We strive to provide a more attentive service to ensure a worry-free shopping experience for our customers.

Triple Plus Corporation is an electronics specialist trading company that globally sources from commercial to military specifications and space-related products.

With the digitalization and multifunctionality of household appliances and communication equipment, the ubiquity of semiconductors is just around the corner. The field of semiconductor applications is expanding rapidly.

Amidst the shortage of semiconductor supply, we have been assisting customers in ensuring semiconductor supply and resolving procurement issues.

Mission Statement
Strong Brand Partnerships
We have close collaborations with suppliers of the following brands, providing customers with affordable products.
If you require other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Triple Plus Corporation

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