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From commercial to US MIL-spec products and aerospace, we provide semiconductors and electronic components for a wide range of applications.

Triple Plus Corporation is an electronics specialist trading company that anticipates the rapid advancement of digitalization in 21st-century electronic devices and the significant development of the electronics industry. We globally source semiconductors and electronic components used in various applications, ranging from commercial to military and aerospace. With an extensive product lineup and a worldwide network, we deliver products to our customers.

For hard-to-find or discontinued products, we source from reliable distribution stocks. For currently produced items, we procure them from authorized distributors to meet customer demands.

In recent years, with the global expansion of communication networks such as the internet, there has been an increasing demand for semiconductors and electronic components in various industries, including mobile phones, computers, and internet televisions. To supply our customers with products, we source currently produced items from authorized distributors and hard-to-find or discontinued products from reliable distribution stock markets. We quickly search for and provide the products our customers seek.

We have established a quality assurance system.

Including traceability, to maximize customer satisfaction, including price and delivery time.

We are committed to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by establishing a quality assurance system, including traceability implementation for our products. In addition to price and delivery, we will thoroughly implement internal organizational development, quality assurance systems, and the introduction of various inspection devices to achieve customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

Triple Plus Corporation

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